Financial Statements

The Romios Gold Resources web site displays its financial reports in PDF format. If you plan to read the documents off-line or print them for reference, it is advised that you download the PDF version of the document which can be read within Netscape and Internet Explorer by using the Acrobat Reader or saved to your hard drive. PDF format documents print as they appeared in the original document, and can be used on any computer platform or operating system.

Tue March 31, 2020MD & A
Tue March 31, 2020Quarterly Report
Tue December 31, 2019MD & A
Tue December 31, 2019Quarterly Report
Mon September 30, 2019MD & A
Mon September 30, 2019Quarterly Report
Sun June 30, 2019MD & A
Sun June 30, 2019Quarterly Report
Sun March 31, 2019MD & A
Sun March 31, 2019Quarterly Report